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Join Saudi Birding for the October Big Day and Help Support BirdLife International!

Update (October 29, 2021): Honoring my pledge, I donated 442 SAR ($118 USD) to BirdLife International--2 SAR for every species the Saudi Birding Team observed during the October Big Day on Saturday, October 9. I encourage everyone to donate to BirdLife to help support their global efforts to protect and preserve bird life and habitats critical to their long-term survival.

I hope everyone's excited for the October Big Day this Saturday. Exciting also to know that the efforts of birders all around the world this weekend will be in support of the work of BirdLife International. Your participation will go along way in raising awareness about the importance of bird conservation not just in Saudi Arabia but globally as well; however, if you can, I encourage you also to support BirdLife with a donation.

Watch the video below to meet some of the members of the diverse team of birders we've put together for the October Big Day and hear about why you should consider supporting BirdLife International with a donation.

To that end, I'd like to set a challenge for the Saudi Birding team. I pledge to donate 2 riyals to BirdLife for every species we document this Saturday, and I invite everyone to make a similar pledge according to your means. Then let's get out there this Saturday and find those birds!

Good birding!

Click HERE to make your donations at their website, or visit their Just Giving page. Of course, we also hope you can join the Saudi Birding team this Saturday for the Global Big Day.

Good luck to the other teams that'll be out for the October Big Day. Here's hoping it'll be the best one yet!


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