Go Birding with Saudi Birding

Professional Guiding Services

Unfortunately, I will be leaving the Kingdom, potentially for good, so I will no longer be in a position to offer personally guided birding tours. As yet, there are no other bird guides in Saudi, but hopefully that will be changing in the coming years.

If you're keen on visiting with a group and benefiting from the knowledge and experience of expert birders, keep an eye on offerings from international touring companies, such as BirdTour Asia. However, it's perfectly feasible to plan and execute your own birding tour of Saudi, especially as the Kingdom's services and facilities become evermore tourist-friendly. 

For such visits, in lieu of in-person guiding, what I do offer is a consulting service for a flat rate of $250. With that, I will draft a customized itinerary in consultation with you geared towards maximizing the success of your visit. Your itinerary will come replete with GPS coordinates, birding maps, advice on locating tricky species, as well as other site details to ensure safe and productive stops. In addition, I will also help with logistics and planning, including arranging visits to preserves, like Raidah in the Asir Region. Lastly, I will provide ongoing support during your visit via WhatsApp so that you don't miss a single target species as I did for Andrew Spencer of the Cornell Lab's Macaulay Library and his birding companions during their recent visit. Check out Andrew's testimonial.


To inquire about guiding or consulting, contact Saudi Birding HERE