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Using eBird Mobile during the October Big Day in Saudi

Hi there! Here are some tips and reminders for the October Big Day tomorrow. If this is the first time you’re using the eBird mobile app, this video will hopefully cover any questions you may have.

  1. Bird as much of the day as possible, including at night for owls and nightjars

  2. Visit different habitat types (ex. Woodlands, marshes, desert, beaches, etc.)

  3. Target species unique to your region (ex. Sinai Rosefinch in Tabuk and Asir Magpie in Asir) to help us document the highest number of species for the day

  4. Record all of the species you’re seeing or hearing in the eBird mobile app

  5. Indicate how many you saw; guesstimate large flocks

  6. Create a separate eBird checklist for each birding stop you make

  7. Share your checklists with saudibirdingteam—no spaces—to be included in the team results

  8. Share photos and videos of your birding efforts tomorrow using the hashtags #globalbirding #octoberbigday and #saudibirding.

  9. Message me if you have any questions

  10. Lastly be safe and have fun!



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